Green Forever Turf Artificial Turf Installations

ABSOLUTLY! Green Forever Turf products are 100% non-toxic & certified lead free, perfectly safe for the most sensitive paws.

* Harsh acids

* Cleaners containing alcohol

* Pressurized water

Our expert installation Teams are able to complete most average residential projects within a couple of days. Time is dependent on how much site preparation is needed, other hardscape or structure challenges there are, and other factors that will be discussed during your free on-site evaluation.

Our technologically advanced synthetic grass products feature built-in UV inhibitors. The inhibitors are incorporated within the yarn process and will allow the yarn to hold color even in the most harsh and sunny conditions. The turf color is designed to last 10 to 15 years.

Synthetic grass is ideal for any area that withstands large amounts of rainfall. Turf will percolate water faster than natural grass, which it will subsequently dry faster than natural grass. Artificial turf leaves no mud mess which allows sports teams more practice time and less mess for clothing and homes.

While most synthetic grass companies offer a certain type of warranty for their artificial turf products, we offer a 15 year warranty to customers, as this is standard within the industry. Our warranty covers any manufacturing issue that could arise.

Our synthetic grass has better drainage capability than a standard grass lawn. It’s specifically designed for water to percolate through the blades and drain freely, with no absorption. During installation, we thoroughly consider your yard layout and existing drainage system to eliminate any potential flooding and ensure year-round durability.