Green Forever Turf is Southern California’s premier paver and hardscaping installer.

We work with Southern California & Texas residents to design and install driveway, walkway, and full yard landscapes with pavers. An excellent addition to any outdoor patios, our pavers provide designer style and lasting durability. We offer a wide variety of designs and finishes for you to personalize your landscaping to preference.

Green Forever Turf Artificial Turf Installations

Tired of that blah, cracked concrete driveway? Or does your frustration mount every time you trip on the uneven, unsightly walkway? Do you want a fresh look to a tired backyard? Let us introduce you to pavers. Pavers are manufactured with design, elegance, durability, and beauty in mind. They are trendy surface alternatives to ugly concrete for patios, garden paths, driveways, walkways, pool surrounds, decks, and edging.


Customized geometric designs or interesting patterns are made of interlocking pieces of paver stones. A combination of varying artsy styles, rich colors, multiple sizes, and unique materials, and unusual textures all work together to add character and intrigue to your home. Besides adding elegance, aesthetic appeal, and value to your home, pavers are weather resistant and won’t crack or fade. They are technologically designed to withstand decades of use.


Green Forever paver installation experts know their stuff. Turn your driveway or walkway into a statement welcoming your guests for a delightful evening on your elegant patio and pool area – also making a statement. As an extension of your indoor living space, your outdoor entertainment area will rival some of the best. Escape to your private retreat where your walkways and patios are the perfect surface and backdrop for your cozy outdoor furniture and plants.

Whether you are renovating an existing walkway or creating a new one, it’s a small touch that adds big dividends in value, grandeur, and luxury.


Combine beauty and value in any commercial project.

It’s the little touches that set apart a venue, atrium, or courtyard. Add some pazazz to the area’s favorite landmark or a new hotel project. Or you want to go big and create something unforgettable. Either way, Green Forever is there with you from the beginning design ideas, all the way through to your Aha!


An outdoor fireplace makes any patio more inviting and offers warmth, comfort and feel-good moments any time of the year. Maybe a wood-burning, crackling firepit is more to your liking. As a stylish focal point of your landscape design, a fireplace enhanced with exclusive pavers will have your friends and family eager to hang out just because. Or when you need some solitude, inspiration and fresh air, throw on a log and settle in a time of renewal and relaxation.

Green Forever’s durable and decorative interlocking stone pavers are individual and flexible so that if the earth shifts underneath, they won’t snap or break.

Imagine what your home could look like with sophisticated and elegant lighting along the walkway leading to your front door, framing your picture-perfect abode, accentuating accents or surrounding unique points of interest in your front yard. Or feel your back yard patio area come alive as the sun sets and darkness falls. The evening is just beginning and the passionate statement your backyard lighting makes is enough for any weary soul to be rejuvenated. Dim down the ambiance for a more relaxing experience that’s oh, so quiet and calming.

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