Landscaping Artificial Grass

Landscaping with artificial grass by Green Forever Turf provides homeowners and contractors with durable solutions. It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without fading color due to damage from UV rays.


There are so many different styles, colors, heights, and textures for maximum lifestyle living. Green Forever Turf offers many creative possibilities to have green grass where growing conditions are difficult, if not impossible.


We make having a beautiful, spectacular and affordable lawn available to you!

Green Forever Turf Synthetic Turf & Pavers

Are you looking for a luscious green landscape without the hassle of maintaining natural grass?

Then there’s never been a better time to invest in a Green Forever lawn!

Your backyard dreamscape or enchanted oasis is just a call away!


Maybe you’re at a place in life where a traditional grassy yard just isn’t worth the time and energy anymore. Costly water bills and time-consuming maintenance just aren’t your thing. With a Green Forever lawn, you’ll never need to worry about pathetic brown, bare patches, ugly weeds, or ineffective yearly re-plantings again! We offer quality fake turf that’s as real and natural looking as living grass.


Take a moment to imagine….


Imagine spending lazy days by the pool or hosting a barbeque for all your friends on your new patio without all the hassles of mowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing, trimming…ever again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy your outdoor space that looks flourishing and beautiful year-round? Green Forever – where we trade your hassle and expense of lawn maintenance for something much better for you and your family! Customized living spaces that are functional, beautiful, and affordable make all the difference in how much you enjoy your homestyle outdoor experience.

Green Forever Turf Synthetic Turf & Pavers

Artificial Turf iS The perfect addition to any backyard space

At Green Forever Turf, we create dream backyards in Southern California. We bring our expertise to your vision to design and create artificial turf that will make your family happy…and your neighbors admiring. Our thorough installation process guarantees efficient drainage so your artificial grass will easily withstand any weather in California Our turf’s exceptional drainage system and durable design ensures your yard will look and feel great through any of Southern California’s weather variances. Our fake grass is infused with antimicrobial agents to neutralize odors and prevent the growth of toxins. The result? Easy cleanup and negated irrigation run-off. Soft to the touch and built to last, our resilient lawns include UV stabilization to resist fading from sun exposure. We offer the industry’s longest lasting artificial turf. With 100% financing available and a guaranteed 15-year warranty, your home and wallet will be equally grateful.