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The residential artificial Turf trend just keeps on growing – And Green Forever Turf is out in front!

Green Forever Turf Southern California Installation Contractor is one of Orange County’s most in-demand artificial turf installation companies. For over 12 years we have been transforming outdoor living spaces, commercial properties, and sports venues.  Our experienced professionals know artificial grass….so you are in good hands! You can be confident the products we recommend and the designs we create will leave an awesome and lasting impression.

synthetic turf - The environmentally friendly alternative to traditional grass

Incredible water savings for drought prone areas also saving you money

Eliminates methane gas and carbon dioxide produced from grass clippings

No need for toxic pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals so no leaching into the soil or runoff


No mowing required so you have reduced emissions from lawnmowers

No need for expensive underground sprinkler systems that break, clog, or freeze

Keep It Clean

Products made from recycled materials which reduces landfill waste



Green Forever Turf has been installing synthetic turf on both commercial and residential properties for decades. We are the preferred choice of Orange County homeowners, landscape contractors, schools, municipalities, businesses, and golf courses. Our efficient and professional installation services have quick turnaround times – usually from 1-3 days, and all our projects and products have a 15-year performance warranty.


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Raul and his team did a fantastic job on our backyard turf project! He had great tips and he and his team were very hard workers.
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B.
Green Forever just completed a project for myself and my next door neighbor. Joe was great and very attentive to all our questions and concerns and went that extra mile to help us. Both of our projects involved artificial grass in the front yard and putting greens in the backyard. Once the project started, Raul and his team conducted themselves extremely professionally and the quality of their work was outstanding. They finished both projects in a 4 days. I would highly recommend Green Forever. Thank you again!
Vince I.
Vince I.
Finished the backyard in a week while neighbors had to wait over a month for their yards to be done at a lesser quality. We have received plenty of compliments and don't hesitate to refer when asked to Joseph & Green Forever.
Jamal B.
Jamal B.
Joe and Hugo from Green Forever are awesome. They were very competitive in their estimate/quote for artificial grass and concrete work. Hugo when above and beyond the scope of work, where other competitors were not willing to go above and beyond. I went with Tiger Turf Fescue, made in the USA. I could tell it looked better then the imported products. Do your homework and get other quotes. You'll come to the same conclusion as I did and go with Green Forever for your artificial grass and pavement needs. Thank you,Thomas
Thomas D.
Thomas D.
Transitioning to turf and xeriscaping has been on our radar and our ultimate goal for years, and Joe and his team at Green Forever provided excellent, personal service to seamlessly achieve this. The turf looks absolutely stunning with the 24" square pavers and Mexican beach pebble bordering our house. Thank you to the owner, Joe, our project manager, Ruban, and their team.
Kellie C.
Kellie C.
I was between 4 companies and I definitely don't regret choosing Green Forever. Their quote was not the lowest out of all four. However, I definitely received the quality we paid for. Joe responded to my inquiry the same day. Since I work Mon- Fri, he was very accommodating with my schedule and came over on a Saturday. During the consultation, he was very personable and knowledgeable. He answered many of my questions that another company didn't answer with confidence. My HOA has specific guidelines and Joe was very patient throughout the whole process which took 2 months to approve. He provided us with a sample and drawings of our proposed landscape design within 1 week. When our application was approved, Joe and his team finished the installation within 1 week. We will definitely go with Green Forever again if we ever decide to have more work done in the future.
Victor D.
Victor D.
Joe came out and explained everything to us and did everything he said he would do. Great Transformation! Excellent work! Great price.
Billy R.
Billy R.
My family and I recently bought a new house and was thinking of doing some concrete and turf work. Since the new house had a lot of fixing, this project became lower on the list of to do's. However, my new HOA did not agree with that and we received some brown grass fixing notices. It quickly moved up to number one to do. I found a few places on Yelp and got quotes. All the turf people didn't do concrete and all the concrete people didn't want to do turf. It was weird. The last estimate was Joe and Hugo and I was blown away. Joe set it up so I'd be able to meet the partner in the business that takes care of the concrete and he, the guy in charge of the turf. All in one short. I greatly appreciated him putting this together so quickly. They both arrived on time and provided straight forward and very reasonable pricing. They were both professional and knowledgeable. Since we had to run the plans with HOA, Hugo had to provide a drawing of the plans and submit for approval. This process took a couple of weeks and then our date was set for project start. The demo crew arrived bright and early. They encountered an unpleasant surprise when they found a whole bunch of roots on the front lawn. The crew hacked all they could but it wasn't enough. I spoke to joe and he gave the option to either add a change in work order/more money to hack some more or hire a pro tree root removal guy. After I spoke to some tree guys, no one wanted to touch the roots. We ended up DIYing it ourselves and got them removed in time for the turf project to continue. Joe gave me time to ensure the slope and everything was to my liking before they cameBack to continue the work. The concrete molds were made. Joe and Hugo were very patient with us changing the plans a couple of times and still kept a friendly and professional attitude. Each time we had any concerns, we spoke to Joe and it was quickly addressed. We also had a couple concerns from our neighbors which were addressed promptly. Please don't let the ups and downs of my experience deter you from going with green forever. I want to assure you that Joe and Hugo and willing to go the distance to make sure everything works out the way their clients wish. I greatly appreciate all their efforts to give us OUR beautiful green forever lawns and nicely poured concrete :) thank you Joe, Hugo and Team!
Caroline P.
Caroline P.


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